Best T-Mobile Phones 2011


T-Mobile was slow on the Android front but has caught up fast with their phones this frost half of 2011.  We thought they were going to fall away and get lost with the modern advances in the smartphone world but they have impressed us by keeping up and jumping ahead.

  1. HTC Sensation 4G – Hands down the best phone T-Mobile has to offer is the Sensation 4G.  It has an almost perfect design, performance and user experience.  This makes the sensation one of the best phones of any carrier.
  2. Samsung Nexus S – The Nexus S has great performance and a nice design with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and fast processor.
  3. Sidekick 4G – This is the next device in the sidekick legacy.  This is the perfect device for those of you that text all the time and need a phone that can keep up.  This is however an entry level phone and not meant for hard core android users.
  4. T-Mobile G2x – While this phone is a speed demon with an almost flawless look and feel it is limited on support.  Also this phone has a standard Android interface making it a very standard phone.

Without blinking an eye if your going with T-Mobile the HTC Sensation is the phone that stands out.  This phone is made by HTC who supports and keeps their phones ahead of the curve.  The only downside is that the phone is a bear to root for those of you that want to get it home and rooted.  On the up side we have faith that there will be a root available before too much longer.


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