LG Optimus S Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Available


Sprint announced today that the LG Optimus has started receiving the OTA (over the air) Android 2.3 Gingerbread update today. This maintenance release will be released in waves so if you haven’t seen it yet you will shortly. Some users have reported that they aren’t getting the OTA update notification but when manually checking through settings it finds it.

LG Optimus S™ from Sprint will receive the Android 2.3, Gingerbread, update through an over-the-air maintenance release beginning today, September 14, 2011.

Beginning today, Sprint will send update notifications to users in waves.  The notification will let users know the update is available and provide the simple two-step, over-the-air download instructions.

  1. Users will receive a notification that Android 2.3 is available for download.
  2. Once the user has downloaded the update, they will be prompted to install the update. The user will be notified that their device will be disabled during the installation process. The phone will be ready to use once the process completes.

The LG Optimus S Gingerbread update includes:

  • New on-screen keyboard. The standard keyboard has been greatly improved with faster input and more intuitive typing. The cut-and-paste feature has also been improved.
  • Streamlined user interface. New color schemes and various UI changes make Android more consistent and simpler to use.
  • Application and power management. Android 2.3 provides better insight into what is running in the background and the amount of memory and CPU time it is using. A task killer has been added.
  • Download management. All downloads from the browser, email and other apps can now be viewed and controlled from a single location.
  • General enhancements for performance improvements.

The software release upgrades LG Optimus S to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of Android improves download management through the Downloads application, offering the user easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application.

VIA: Sprint Community


  1. Be warned! I upgraded to Android 2.3.3 on my LG Optimus, and now my capability to IM over WiFi is gone. 9/19/2011

  2. My Optimus S will no longer charge on the car charger. I was able to fix the usb connection by updating the driver but without being able to charge my phone in the car it is a real pain in the ***. Anyone one else having this issue and know how to fix?

  3. I had received the update and I tried to update my phone but as soon as it started its reboot it froze up and I didn’t get to update it I really wanted to update but my phone says there aren’t any updates available now. I hope I get it again.

  4. My Optimus S no longer brings up suggested words, other than some irrelevant bits from my contacts. That plus the new keyboard design (which is NOT an improvement) make texting a pain. Sure hope they come out with a fix SOON!!

  5. I purchased the Optimus S from Sprint specifically for it’s easy and user friendly keyboard function. I use the phone for document creation and the word suggestion feature with the 2.2 operating system was great! The 2.3.3 has removed it. Now when I type words, the suggestions are ether proper names or something not even close to matching the consonants and vowels I’m entering. What the!? One of it’s favorite suggestions is the word “Khan”. Khan?
    When I begin to type “Wh” it offers me word suggestions Like, “Android”, “Aurthur” and so on. Read my key strokes whoever did this, “I’M NOT HAPPY”.

  6. Okay, so I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. Turns out we can go to the Android Market and download better keyboards which will solve the problem. It will cost a dollar or two, but hey, it’s only money. I just choose Gingerbread 2.3 and it seems to work as it did before the upgrade. Good luck.

  7. Sprint has a mutiny on its hands because of this update.

    *In-call volume is too loud.
    *Can’t use headset mike or Bluetooth any longer.
    *USB doesn’t work.
    *Chargers don’t work
    *Color Scheme is so dark, Dial Pad key can’t be seen.

    I could go on ad infinitum, ad nauseam, ad absurdum.
    Sprint and LG couldn’t care less.

    Sprint is a case study in what NOT to do when handling customers.
    It is a company run by C- students with a D- student at the helm.

  8. After upgrading to 2.3.3, my Optimus battery seems to be drained a lot faster. I noticed that my TeleNave GPS software is running forever in background. I tried to stop it, but it just automatically restarts right back. Very annoying!

  9. @Tim Markowski, you said it all! I am in complete agreement with you on everything you said. This is an epic FAIL on Sprint’s part.
    I found a blog earlier today that gave advice on how to fix the USB charging issue but when I searched for it again, it was gone, nowhere to be found and the page is not found when I reopened it from my history, the page was no longer there. Error 404. My Optimus S was enjoyable to use before this upgrade and now I hate using it. I really hope they fix this problem and soon.

  10. Here is what I found:
    “78. Sep 19, 2011 2:41 PM (in response to kaesi3)
    9/14 – LG Optimus S (LS670) Software Update – Android 2.3 (LS670ZVH)
    To fix charging issue this works…
    You might have to re-install or download the Windows driver. I found that after applying the new update that I couldn’t establish a USB to Optimus S connection. I downloaded the driver from LG’s site. File name is LGAndroidDriver_WHQL_ML_Ver_1.0_All_Win7.exe.
    Uninstall the driver from within “Uninstall a program” in Win7, then run the install of the driver. Fixed my problem.

    For keyboard issues. I down loaded SwiftKey keyboard and that worked great. Also there is Gingerboard keyboard download which I am using now which also worked great and is better I think.”
    As users we should not have to go to these lengths to use Sprint, Android or LG products. Yet here we are.

  11. i found you can charge your phone but you have to shut it off and then plug it in the car charger or any charger for that matter. But it will charge with the phone shut down. Anyone know where u get the USB drivers?

  12. I found where problem and was able resolve it, for the charging issue on the LG Optimus S. These are the steps I performed to resolve my issue:

    Click the menu button, select “More”, choose “Manage Apps”. When the applications list is brought up, select the “All” tab. Here you should be able to scroll through your applications, both downloaded and system. Scroll down and select “Android System” (the list is in alphabetical order, it should be fairly easy to locate). Once open, scroll down and look for “Launch by default”. Tap on “Clear defaults”. Then, simply power off your phone and power it back on.

    This is some basic troubleshooting steps that sprint “tech” support should have been able to figure out. Thank God I work for Verizon. When I called sprint to let them know about the possible solution, all they did was send me a new phone!!…I was completely baffled at how ignorant the so called “support team” was. The only up side is that I did get a new phone out of this mess.
    If you have found this post helpful, feel free to post here letting us know.

    Oh, and p.s. to Sprint.. Next time you want to release an update, please, try testing the update BEFORE you do. It’s not an easy feeling know that I have to pay for a monthly service where I get to become the guinea pig for the screw up that you called “Gingerbread”.

  13. i have read the comments here and on the sprint site. i see other people having issues with the volume being too LOUD but no fixes! am i mistaken?

  14. Im so pissed with Sprint taking away my suggested words like , wtf Sprinttt !!! iReallly need / needed that 🙁 very sad & upset .

  15. This new Gingerbread stinks:

    1. Battery life is now much worse
    2. In call volume is ridiculusly loud
    3. Suggested words in text message’s are gone
    4. Text keyboard is small, slow and worse than it was before
    5. This update did more harm than good

    Thanks Sprint for making my phone worse. I only pay you $180/month for our family plan,…isn’t that enough for using YOUR products and servies?

  16. I read somewhere to reset phone to get the volume to go down but I’m leery of doing this because what if everything disappears or doesn’t work afterwards? Any thoughts?

  17. It’s lg fault they should of tested than just telling everyone to upgrade. Nw i got lg optimus m from metro I don’t want them same outrageous problems you guys having . Better off getting a phone that already have 2.3

  18. Anyone having issues (among everything else listed here, which I’m also annoyed with) with their phones constantly unmounting their SD cards? Also, my optimus just randomly reboots all the time now too. Hooray technology!

  19. @Brandon, yes I am having the same issue with the sd card. Ive been dealing with sprint for a week and a half over this issue, it all began when I updated my phone with the new android operating system. I guess sprint heard me loud and clear bc they are sending me a replacement.

  20. Ever since the update for the lg optimus s both my wifes phone and mine have been having a mulitude of issues. the sd card unmounts unexpectantly, the phone will freeze up, emails are super slow to come thru (non network related), and ringtones are randomly selected for incoming calls. Any thoughts or actions i can take to remedie this issue. Please let me know.

  21. Sprint has a zip file and instructions on their website. these will change your phone back to 2.2.2. I did this, and everything works perfect now. You need to follow the instructions carefully. They are, however, fairly easy.

  22. LG P990 Optimux 2x.
    I have just upgraded to Gingerbread. If you stick to the way LG says, it will unfortunatly not go so well. What I did was, first upgrade like LG says, second make a hard factory reset (not the soft). That turned the phone into a fast one. Be aware that it will also install a program called CarHome. It will drain your battery in no time, so stop it via program settings. The only problem I have now is, that my old Jabra Arrow bluetooth headset is no longer compatible. But that is not an error in the phone.
    Brgds Per (Denmark)