Motorola Photon 4G Maintenance Upgrade 45.3.6.en.US


Motorola Photon 4GThe Motorola Photon 4G just received a maintenance update to build 45.3.6.en.US that fixes quite a few items throughout the device. We will not list out every item that will be fixed or improved although one of the largest improvements that have been added is Google Talk video support which has been a huge request for a while now. Below are some of the more noticeable changes.

Photon 4G 45.3.6.en.US Update Notes:

  • General enhancements
  • General bug fixes
  • Google Talk video support
  • Laptopdock 100 support
  • Proximity sensor fixes
  • etc.

The Motorola Photon 4G has been a very popular device on Sprints network and seems to have done better for them than its Atrix 4G AT&T counterpart.  This being said there have been many bugs reported with the device including its lack of stable proximity sensors.  This update should improve your device across the board and make the device what it should have originally been.  Sprint has setup the OTA rollout in phases so if you aren’t getting it now you will shortly.

Please let us know how the update goes for you and if it fixes everything that it claims to.  We will be following the update and actually have a device here on hand to test a few of the improvements ourselves.  As we find out any other information like new bugs that arise or any features that aren’t mentioned above we will be sure to let you know.

UPDATE: We updated our Photon 4G and grabbed a Laptop Dock to test it out and everything seems to work really well.  We also tried to recreate issues we had earlier with proximity sensors and they seem to have been fixed and even improved in general.  We also previously had force closes when running too much at any given time and when overusing the camera which have also seemed to have been fixed.  This being said the one thing that we didn’t mention was battery life.  The battery life on the Photon seems to have improved by around 15% which is huge for a device that was previously only lasting about 12 hours before the update.


  1. Every time I have tried to run the update, the phone reboots, and then I received a messaged that reads “Update Failed”. I have tried this update 4 times since last night and it continuously fails.

  2. I’m having the same update problems as Damon. Everytime I try to update my photon it says the update has failed. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. I am also having the same problem. I took it to the store 1st and they couldn’t do anything. I then got a hold of customer service who they got a hold of tech support who then in return told me to take it to a store.

  4. I’ve been having the same update problems as everyone else ,what the probllem in solving this issue .We pay alot of money for service this should be resolved quickly.

  5. Kudos to Matt for the information above. I talked to Sprint on three occassions. First online chat, by phone, and then to a Sprint Store because they gave me the go around. No one was of any help. Will just wait.

  6. killed all tasks
    made sure 4G connected
    ran update
    first 1/3rd happened in about 30 seconds
    took about 4 minutes to get halfway
    took another 2 minutes to get to 2/3rds
    sat at 3/4th of the way for 2 minutes
    jumped to around 98% and then rebooted.
    update successful.

  7. It somehow also disabled the phone sitting next to it. Netwrk connection unavailable, only number I can reach is 611. They have no clue.

    My advice, the guys who couldn’t do the update are the luck ones.

  8. now sprint is saying everybody in FL is calling with the same problem, but their equip. doesn’t indicate an outage. Good.

  9. this updatr i got to work but my phone lags a little bit and it didnt lag before the update so now im stuck with a lagging phone

  10. Started the update, completely froze my phone. Only thing I could do was take the battery out and restart it but then phone would shut down halfway thru startup. Ended up having to do a hard reset as it was the only way I could use my phone again! Not wanting to even receive the updates now – is there any way I can disable?