Faster SEO Friendly Digg Digg Alternative WordPress Plugin


Digg Digg Alternative Floating Social WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a Digg Digg alternative that is faster loading with cleaner code for SEO friendliness then AA’s Digg Digg Alternative WordPress plugin is for you. Here at Android Advice, we needed the social sharing options that Digg Digg offered but didn’t want the slow loads and puffed up code that it adds to every page of the site. Our answer to this was to create our own floating social sharing toolbar.

After a few requests by visitors to our site for our social sharing toolbar plugin we decided to turn it into a WordPress plugin and release it. The plugin has a simple structure and one short page of settings. You can move the bar around if you want to tweak its location and choose which social networks to show up.

Benefits to AA’s Digg Digg Alternative over Digg Digg:

  • Much faster load time
  • Cleaner SEO Friendly code
  • Substantially less code
  • Much easier to customize
  • Less settings to run through to get it working

We ran speed tests using the Digg Digg social plugin and our own and every website it was tested on came up with better results using our Digg Digg alternative than the Digg Digg bar itself.

How to Install the AA Digg Digg Alternative Floating Social WordPress Plugin:

  1. Upload the plugin to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Choose your options via “Settings -> Digg Digg Alternative”

Frequently Asked Questions about the Digg Digg Alternative Social WordPress Plugin:
My Toolbar is not Floating where I want it to?
If you go to the settings for the toolbar “settings -> dig digg alternative” you will see location settings. You need to change those numbers to move the toolbar around. (i.e. changing left margin from -90 to -100 will move it further left by 10 pixels, changing top margin from -50 to -40 will move it to the right 10 pixels)

Why are there only 5 social platforms?
We created the toolbar for our own website originally and decided to release it, we only needed those 5. We will be adding other networks now that its released based on user feedback and requests.

Demo of the Digg Digg Alternative Social WordPress Plugin:
Its the toolbar you see floating to the left of this article.

Download the AA Digg Digg Alternative WordPress Plugin

Please leave us a comment below with any bug reports, feature requests, and or general comments about the plugin itself. Please take note that this is the initial release and we will be adding other social networks shortly.


  1. Those of you that had the toolbar show up multiple times on some pages please accept our apologies. We have fixed this issue and are now working on allowing the plugin to show on pages and/or posts. Currently the plugin only shows up on posts but this should be in an update within the next day or so.

    Please Report any bugs that you notice or feature requests here and we will actively watch throughout the day.

  2. Update: We have just updated the plugin again with support for pages and the ability to give different float locations for posts and pages. Since this is our second update today we will be taking other requests and updating as many as we can and release updates from now on at least 24 hours apart. (besides critical fixes)

  3. There is no purpose of having the pinit button unless there are images to pin when you click them. hope you guys are working on this

    • Currently the Pinit button only has an image if you have a featured image set. We are working on some changes to allow the pinit button to pull from images within the article as well if no featured image is set.

  4. Nice and plays better than most with my ‘Elegant Themes’ Theme.

    Would like an option on each page to turn the float bar off (or on). It is out of place on for example the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages.

    Any plans for that?

  5. One more comment. All seems great on click to FB, Twitter and Pinterest when I am in a single blog post

    When I am on a page not so good. Twitter seems ok, but when clicking Facebook like, the app wants to post to my time line a Pinterest button icon along with the verbage “TweetEmail TweetEmail”? The pin it button is giving me a what looks to be my background tiling image, instead of an image from the post.

    See it here:

    I am using Elegant Themes Chameleon and WP 3.4.2

    • The PinIt button currently requires a featured image to select from. Most WordPress themes have a featured image option when creating a post or page, if you don’t have the option you can add easily. Add “add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );” to your theme functions.php file.

      I will look into the TweetEmail issue.

  6. Please update the plugin to DISPLAY on homepage posts as well please. Doesnt have to float, but a new bar would be nice to see for every post, like has

  7. Very good and clean plugin, only one suggestion: would you please, please add option to show the floating bar on Homepage too, in this case people will get a chance to “Like” the whole website not just a single post or page. Thanks a lot!

    • Homepage buttons are expected in the next update. With the holidays coming up we are a little slower than we should be but it will be added very soon. Thank you for your feedback.

  8. Hi.

    I’m testing this plugin right now on my blog. Thanks for making an alternative (better optimized) alternative to Digg Digg.


  9. Hi there,

    I have a problem with the plug in showing up multiple times on this page:

    and running very slow in general. Would you be able to suggest a way to fix this?

  10. We are working on having the plugin remove the hook after it has loaded once so that repeat loads will not occur. Once we have this figured out and tested thoroughly it will fix the multiple bars and allow Homepage bars as well. Thank you all for your patience.

  11. We have updated the plugin to version 1.3. Please keep in mind that after updating you will need to fix the bars location. In order to fix the bar showing more than once on some pages we had to remove the content hook and re add it as an action from page center.

  12. I want to change the background color in the php code but nothing is happening when I change it!

    div style=-moz-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px; border:1px solid #99999; position: fixed; z-index:99999; width: 70px; background-color:#FFFFF

    I want to change the background to #png..

  13. Changing the color with: background-color:#000000; or any other hex should work fine.

    If you want an image instead of a color you will need to use the style: background-image:url(‘image.png’);

  14. I just discovered your plugin moments ago, and am testing it on a site now. I like what I’m seeing a lot. One big but simple request though: could you please add a #ID to the main tags? I am currently trying it out on all pages of the site, but for some pages, such as contact request forms, it just doesn’t make sense for it to be there. An ID on the div tag would make it very easy to skip any pages we want, with just one or two lines of CSS.

    Great plugin. Thanks again!

    • This will be added to the next update. We are also working on a more detailed FAQ for those that want to make changes within the code itself. This should allow those with minimal scripting experience to customize the toolbar a little.

  15. Just installed the plug-in. So far I like it!

    My only request would be an option to change the order of the buttons on the bar.

  16. Since the upgrade of plugin and WordPress, the Alternative Digg Diig floater has a mind of its own and does not correspond to the position I set it in settings. It was at -135 on posts and this setting made it go to the center- now I have had to change settings to -600 to get it further over to the right as I can not get it over to the left, no matter what I do?! Any ideas?

    • Change -600px to 512px and change -5px to 75px. The plugin now requires a positive number to move it to the left since we ran into issues with the homepage and some pages showing it multiple times it was a change that was required.

  17. I’m open getting Digg, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, and Pinterest on the floater. I’m not seeing Google+, Twitter, or Facebook even though I have those selected. Any ideas why?

  18. The Facebook and Pinterest buttons are not showing up on the bar for me. I’ve checked it on several different browsers and get the same result.

    • I just went to your website and they are showing up for me? I went to your most recent article. Is the issue fixed or can you still not see them?

  19. Hi

    I have an issue with the frontpage. I have DISable it from loading up on the frontpage but it is still loading. I have cleared all caches but to no avail

    I use a static page as “home” if that can help. So maybe the plugin is taking my frontpahe as a regular page and I have the plugin set to load on pages.

    If this is thge issue is it possible to add an exception?

    • Reddit is in the list to be added in a future update. With the holidays we are a bit slow getting all of our scripts updated but will have this completed after CES this year.

  20. Hi there,
    How about the following request to consider:

    1. Add a View Count box option.
    2. Add a box in the admin where we can put post/page id’s where we DON’T want the bar to show.


  21. Shows up great on homepage and posts, but when I go to previous posts from the homepage, the bar shows up but all the data is gone — just 0 in every box? Is this a glitch or is there something I can change on the settings? I can send you a screenshot if you like, but if you hit the next page arrow at the bottom you’ll see what I mean.

    • The homepage and page 2 are technically 2 different pages so the stats you see on your homepage are for that page only. If the url is different then so are the stats for that page. I hope that answers your question.

  22. Thank you for the awesome plugin! I am still quite new to WordPress and I came to your site looking for information and began reading this thread and forgot what I was looking for! I had to go back to my websites to see what it was!

    This plugin is much better than the “other one”. And, I must say, your attention to the needs of the users is superb, whereas the “other one’s” writers do not answer any emails regardless of the issue.

    My request is for the credit for Alternative Digg Digg to be placed at the bottom of the page along with the WordPress and other credits rather than on the bar itself. It would be nice if the credit was in keeping with the style of the WordPress credit.

    • This is something that we will try to add in the next update. The issue we have fallen into is not all WordPress sites have credit text as well as the class and or id being different for each theme. What we hope to accomplish at a minimum is to allow users to style the link themselves if the default does not work. Thank you for your input as it is noted.

  23. I have used Digg Digg on 3 of my websites. This is the first time I have used your plugin. I must say it’s much better and faster than Digg Digg.

  24. Just want to offer my feedback. Thanks for offering this great plugin. I totally understand why you haven’t included Pinterest yet and I really hope you can find a workaround soon. Pinterest is essential to my photo-heavy site so I’m stuck with Digg Digg. I’ll keep an eye out for it on your updates though. :)

  25. Fantastic..i was having issues with digg digg in regards to my yahoo bing contextual ads.. ads weren’t clickable not sure why but none of the ads were clickable because of digg digg..but this alternative is working flawlessly since the time i have installed it..

  26. I’ve been using it for the past one week and that’s exactly what i wanted so thank you for that, however i don’t think my pinterest pins are working. Doesn’t show any error but when i login to my pinterest, it doesn’t show the urls that i submitted.

    Also, can you add more social bookmarking sites to the list? thanks

  27. Awesome plugin, really like it’s simplicity! But I am still missing an admin function to customize appearance, sime kind of “Customize CSS” tab.

    There is also one bug with Pinterest button display.

    Good work!

  28. Testing this because I like cleaner code and less bloat. Looking forward to additional services being added.

    However there is a problem that is kind of a deal breaker. When clicking on the “Like” button it pops up an input box where one is suppose to add a comment that is added to the Like when it goes on your timeline.

    This comment/suggestion box is hidden so you can’t type in the box or dismiss it. The like does go through but you can’t comment on it during the share.

    Here’s an image showing the issue

    My guess you have the CSS set for hidden overflow

    Also less of a deal breaker is one thing I liked about Digg Digg is it shuts off when the screen size is a phone or small tablet. Hope that can be implemented in the alternative

  29. I’m experiencing a problem that I believe makes my pages come up blank (the homepage is fine) and the content on the pages when accessing them through the back end is fine too. When I disabled all my plugins to see if any of them were the culprit, the toolbar does not disappear. I deleted the plugin, but the toolbar remains. I;m using the Montezuma theme, but I don’t know if that would have anything to do with it. How can the toolbar still exist when the plugin is uninstalled? Seems strange. Not sure if anything on my website would be of help.

  30. Okay this is bizarre, but I just posted a comment on my About Me page indicating that my pages weren’t displaying at all (the only thing that showed were the titles. For example “About Me” and “Contact”) and all of a sudden the content for my pages showed up and the AA toolbar completely disappeared (I had the plugin enabled, but had unchecked the boxes for homepage, posts, and pages). After checking all three boxes again, the toolbar is still missing even though it is enabled. I’m going to check a few things and try to get to the bottom of this. I tweaked the template code a bit, perhaps this has something to do with it.

    • I can’t say that I have any clue as to why the toolbar would show even after removed although just for clarification did you just deactivate or did you delete it? Not that this should still show either way but it would be a starting point for me to check up on the code to see what may have happened.

  31. Issue solved. It was a caching plugin that fooled me. Additionally, a bit of the code I used to modify the theme needed to be corrected. All is good.

    AA works as advertised. Thanks for this awesome freebie!

    • Great! I’m glad you found the issue and as always feel free to let me know if there is anything else your having issues with.

  32. Guys, a couple of things.

    1. Any chance of a version allowing change of order of the selected buttons?
    2. I don’t have a ‘home page’ as such – my most recet blog post is my ‘home page’. This is a bit of a problem, because if someone wants to “like” my most recent post, doing so via Digg Digg Alternative results in the absent ‘home page’ being liked, rather than the most recent post. Hope the issue is decipherable, as I’ve tried to describe it!

    Otherwise, fantastic plugin – and as claimed, WAY faster and less complicated than the “other one”! Thanks!


  33. Hi,

    Thanks for a great plugin.

    I have a static front page as a home page and blog posts on another page. I want to exclude the social bar from my static home page, but have it on all other pages and posts.

    Yoast breadcrumbs does this by allowing you to fill in page id’s in the php file which are then excluded.

    Any chance of doing something similar?



    • todays update has that included, please let me know if the update to 1.4 or 1.4.1 fixed your question.

  34. The plugin looks great. I works well for GB and G+. We are having an issue with Pinterest. The number of pins does not appear. Also, when we click the pinit button, the image does not appear, however the text does. Have I done something incorrect with the setup?

    • Make sure that you have a featured image set for posts. If your theme does not support it let me know and I will explain how to add it. This is a Pinterest issue.

      • The issue with the image not displaying was related to us not using a featured image. I believe I can fix that.

        We still have an issue where the quantity of posts does not appear above/next to the Pinit button. Is there something in the code that ties back to a specific Pinterest account?

    • I have not forgotten about Reddit and will be adding it in the next update. I have been trying to hit everyones functional needs and then focus on adding social networks that have been requested. Thank you for your input.

  35. Hi There

    I am using this awesome plugin of yours, but unfortunately I am getting an error with the Google + button.

    It Loads the share block when you click on it to share but then it just stops working/give me the red button with the exclamation mark in it and I cannot share the post.

    Here is a sample post to test:

    Can somebody please have a look at this for me.I would really appreciate it since we really want to use your plugin.

    Thank You


  36. Hello !
    Thank you for this excellent plugin. I have been trying out lots of social sharing plugins and your is the best (and also the only one I found that uses the like button with the optional comment box).
    I would have two requests :
    1) Being able to specify the order of the buttons
    2) Being able to display the buttons at the top/bottom of the content and not only as a floating bar.
    Thanks again for the good work :)

    • Oh, I forgot, a really cool feature would also be to be able to specify a twitter account to add an automatic “via @…” in the twitter share text.

  37. Works far better than Digg Digg. Much faster and a much smarter setup. I am off to replace Digg Digg on my other wp sites. I’ll leave the credit in tact on a couple.. well deserved.

  38. Hello there, good job with the plugin, its fast – its working :D

    Question and suggestion… is it possible to range the motion of the bar to the footer area, something like “From bottom of the page” but that its not a fixed value because some posts are longer than the others?

    So that it doesnt go all the way down to the footer widgets.

  39. The facebook like button is not aligned properly. I think, facebook has pushed some internal updates due to which the button is shifted towards right hand side..

    I have noticed this to many sites

    Can anyone confirm and fix this pls..

  40. HI,

    Your plugin is working fine…but for some reason the “FB like” has moved a bit to the right…how can I fix this? (center it)


  41. Dear developers,
    very good job with the tool.
    I have a question: is it possible to add the floating bar in the archive pages (e.g. adding it to the options, together with “pages, posts, home”)?

    Thank you,

  42. Hello!

    Is there a way to make this bar static on all pages? While the floating is cool, I prefer a static tool bar these days. Thanks! :)

  43. Is there shortcode so i can just add it to a single page in the php, like:
    add_filter (‘social_icons’, ‘add_social_icons’);