Google TV 3.0 Update Adds Voice Search and Prime Time


Google TV update version 3

Google TV software update version 3.0 has been officially announced by Google and promises many stability fixes. Along with the stability issues being fixed you will notice a few front facing features that have been added.

One of the additions to Google TV is Voice Search which allows you to interact with your Google TV using your voice. You can search for titles, channels, genre’s and much more. One of the features that you will notice with the new voice search is that you can search for just about anything and your Google TV will scan YouTube and give you a video on it. If for instance you want to know how to make an apple pie just ask Google TV “how to make apple pie” and the instructional Youtube video will come up.

Another cool addition is the ability to access Prime Time from anywhere. There is a visual layout to allow you to search live TV showing what you recently watched and allowing favorite channels. The Movies and TV app has been redesigned to make everything much more user friendly.

While Google has announced the update to version 3.0 it will likely not hit your device for a while since the official word from LG is “in the coming weeks” for their smart TV’s. Other second generation equipment states in the “coming months”. If you do still own the first generation unit you will still get the updates although it will likely be early next year. Let us know when you get the update and the version/equipment you are using.