Install Official Android 4.0.3 ICS on the Galaxy S II Skyrocket


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and have been disappointed about not having an official Ice Cream Sandwich build on your device your wait is over. While the Android 4.0.3 update hasn’t been officially released it has been leaked and is fully functional. This update to your Galaxy S II Skyrocket is the official Samsung build and ready to be installed.

Install Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S II Skyrocket:

  1. Download the Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware (Download Link)
  2. Run the file you just downloaded to Odin with the firmware
  3. Plug your USB into your PC but not your phone
  4. Turn off your Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  5. Turn your phone on while holding volume up and down and plug in the USB to phone
  6. You should now be in download mode (if not repeat the last step)
  7. Once in download mode let go of the volume buttons
  8. You should now see “Added” within Odin on the PC (if not check your drivers)
  9. Click start in Odin to flash UCALC4 on your Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  10. Wait for flashing to complete and your phone to reboot
  11. You should now have a message that says PASS with a green background.
  12. Disconnect your phone from the PC and your done
  13. Congrats your Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket is now running ICS

If for whatever reason Odin gets stuck or you get a FAIL message just disconnect from the PC, remove and put the battery back in, and repeat the process over again. As always we are in no way responsible for the use of these instructions although they have been tested and work very well. If you have any issues or questions please ask in the comments below.