Sprint’s Motorola Photon Update Version Q 7.7.1Q-6_SPR-125_ASA-10


Mototola Photon Q update

The Motorola Photon Q on Sprint is now getting a maintenance update version Q 7.7.1Q-6_SPR-125_ASA-10, bringing bug fixes and some great new features. This is not the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update although you will notice an overall improvement to your Photon Q after this update.

Sprint Photon Q Update Q 7.7.1Q-6_SPR-125_ASA-10 Features:

  • Improved text messaging when requesting usage and upgradeability through Sprint Zone; seamless international text messaging; Improved MMS functionality
  • Enhancements for WiFi hotspot in GSM/UMTS mode and adding new WiFi connections; select number of users to access Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Random power cycle when using Wi-Fi Direct
  • Manually send or auto-sync emails from outbox
  • Faster launch and playback using the YouTube application
  • Improved browsing with Google Chrome for Android Mobile Browser
  • More easily import contacts from SD card
  • Improved music playback, both streaming from Amazon Cloud or Internet Radio services and music saved to the phone – minimizes occasional skips or -repeats
  • Now supports 1080p HD video capture, and enhanced video settings for more responsive playback
  • Easier creating and accepting calendar meeting notices on the phone

The update has started now but is rolling out in stages, so it could take up to two weeks for it to hits yours. If you haven’t received the update yet be patient, if you have updated already then please let us know your experience via a comment below.