ASUS Confirms Nexus 7 Dock for £24.99 in the UK


The popular Nexus 7 tablet will have a dock available from ASUS today in the UK. Currently there is no word on the dock’s release in retail stores although it is now available at the ASUS website. We can assume at this point other retailers like Expansys will have listings for the Nexus 7 Dock within a week or two regardless of no official word.

The ASUS Nexus 7 Dock has only two ports on it being the microUSB and headphone jack. We are a bit disappointed to see no HDMI port although there are adapters for that.  We are sure there will be a second version of the dock after this one takes its course and it will likely have an HDMI port.

There has been mention of the docks release in the US although no date or price has been given at this time. I’m sure we will see it very soon though if it hasn’t been posted as this is being written.  Even if its never listed in US stores you can still order from over seas, you will just have to pay a little more for shipping is all.

This device will work great as a bedside dock when using the Nexus 7 as an alarm clock or just wanting it to sit upright when using it while connected to a keyboard.  Our assumption is that the dock will do well because of the popularity of the Nexus itself although we will likely wait for either a next version or a release of an unofficial dock from someone else that adds the HDMI support.

At this time I don’t see the listing on ASUS’ web store although others have reported that its already there.  This could be for more than one reason although it could just be the availability not being in the US doesn’t show to us.  At any event be sure to let us know if you get a Nexus 7 dock and how you like it.  We would be interested to know what you are using it for and if the missing HDMI port effects your decision to get one as well.